Can Muslims be your niche?


By having a niche, you can also build your own brand identity. Maybe you are a good speaker, organizer, or leader. Maybe you have a talent that you are unaware of or waiting to unleash.
That is why it is important to attach or associate yourself with a platform of your choice. Your niche. You can be “out there” meeting people at events or engaging them online through your blog. Look to the power of platforms to advance your ideas, objectives and causes. The world is always in need of good ideas, perspectives, thoughts and insights. Why not share yours? Please be advised to effectively research the niche you are interested in and make sure it aligns with your passions. The last thing you want is to be labeled with something that elicits a negative reaction.

So with that mind, get out there, follow your passions, find the niche of your choice, engage others around you online or off, and make this world a better place for all of us.

And you know around 25 years ago you started to have the set-up of Hispanic advertising agencies in the US. They still exist. They have multiplied. Which says to me that this community will go the same route, will follow the same direction, and will become increasingly central to American marketing and advertising.So the starting point for understanding the Islamic consumer must be an understanding of the role that compliance plays in people’s lives as a set of practices that are lived in concert with religion.

Global expenditure of Muslim consumers on food and lifestyle sectors is expected to reach US$2.47tn by 2018

Source: Standard and Poors

  • Incorporates Sharia Principles in the functioning of the bonds
  • Significant growth post 2004
  • Booming industry currently valued at $1 Trillion
  • Accounts for just 1% in value of the total Financial Services market but has generated interest from all major banks.
  • Recently, the pope has endorsed the principles of Islamic Banking and Finance and the Vatican paper wrote that banks should look at the rules of Islamic finance to restore confidence amongst their clients at a time of global economic crisis.
  • First Islamic Stock Trading platform will commence in London, May 2010 , with the aim of providing a podium to strengthen sharia-amenable companies
  • Constant demand from Muslims who prefer their banking and finance to be Shariah compliant
  • Food Industry