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OnePure Beauty loves great skin (who doesn’t, right?) and so we’re throwing a very special contest just so you can have great skin by using products that are picked just for you.


Not to mention that we’re also throwing in an Apple TV for the winner to boot!


One lucky contest winner is going to get a skin care package that will leave you as refreshed as the morning dew and as radiant as the afternoon sun.

We’re giving away a bouquet of goods that inclues a full set of full size OnePure skincare specifically picked for your special skin type(when you win we will ask you about your skin so we send you the best stuff) — that’s a total of over $200 of products you’ll love. And it’s all Halal Certified Sisters!

And If you want to learn all about the OnePure Beauty difference, click here. You’ll leave with some great knowlage that’ll make all your friends OnePure Beauty converts too!

You have until January 1, 2014 to enter.

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OnePure international press clips

“I developed OnePure because I wanted Muslims around the world to have the choice of halal certified beauty products that were chic, effective and luxurious.” Layla Mandi


Understanding Halal beauty products

Layla Mandi is the Canadian convert to Islam who uncovered the use of swine by-product in mainstream personal care and cosmetics products. She established a global platform that brought awareness to this little known practice. Unable to find readily available products for Muslim women, Layla created a halal-certified brand, OnePure intending to fill the void in the global market. Layla Mandi served to redefine standards of beauty products for Muslim women and worked for the advancement of a global halal personal care and cosmetics industry.

OnePure and Layla Mandi newspaper features

Layla Mandi was born in Dunnville, a town in Southern Ontario. She is a budding entrepreneur who has ambitiously worked single handedly to develop the halal cosmetics industry. Layla Mandi relocated to Dubai in 2007 and reverted to Islam in 2009. She has a dynamic and unique personality, genuine and direct to a fault with an unmatched generous spirit. Before the accident Layla Mandi dedicating all her time and resources the past 5 years in developing OnePure


Ramadan 2013

If you ask most Muslims what they enjoy most about Ramadan, undoubtedly some will include the sense of community they feel. Their days start off with eating suhoor with family before dawn and their nights pass by with invitation upon invitation from friends to break fast together at sunset. It’s a great experience for most in that regard as we feel closer to those around us simply because we spend that much more time with them.

The convert experience in Islam is one that is tough for many. Muslim communities throughout the world get excited when someone enters into their doors saying they want to accept Islam. There are hugs and laughter and a large uproar – and then everything stops and the convert has to figure out how to move forward on their own. Trying to navigate through the diversity of legal and theological opinion in Islam can be tough enough, but doing so while navigating through the cultural diversity that exists, all the while questioning yourself and wondering what parts of your identity you need to abandon to fit in makes it that much harder. During Ramadan it’s that much harder. Every Muslim’s family is not Muslim. Every Muslim does not have a family to eat suhoor with or have iftar with. How many iftars have you hosted or attended to which a convert was invited?

In regards to the convert experience, make a point to invite and include those who are new Muslims to your gatherings, as well as just people in general. You can start in the next couple of weeks. The day after Ramadan is the holiday of Eid ul-Fitr. When you are celebrating with loved ones and friends, understand that it will mean so much to someone who doesn’t have a family to celebrate with ifyou included them in your gatherings. The number of converts that I’ve spokenwith that say Eid is such a lonely day is unfortunately huge. They end up going to prayers in the morning and then maybe to a diner afterward, and that’s the end of it. Don’t let that be the case this year.