Halal Cosmetics Q&A with Layla Mandi

We have attempted to address the key issues surrounding Halal products and answer some frequently asked questions based on our experiences. Any specific questions should be clarified with your imam.

Skin is an organ and absorbs what you put on it and we must be clean to pray so it is not permitted to pray with forbidden things on you.
We are certified Halal by a prestigious, authorized halal certification agency. Similar to halal food certification, an Imam comes to the factory to ensure excellent standards of cleanliness in our processes, also approving that no animal or pork ingredients, or genetically modified organisms are to be found in the factory or included in any of our products.
It is like a group of friends getting together and deciding if something is halal or not. For peace of mind search for halal certification stamps.
Pork and alcohol are sold in many Muslim countries. It is important that everything you buy is halal certified (and remember to do a little research-it must be an authorized certification agency)
It is true that we do not eat them, but our bodies absorb much of what we put onto our skin (which is why doctors often use a patch on the skin to administer medication). Traditionally, all Muslims are forbidden to have any contact with haram animals-not even allowed to profit from selling haram things!
According to the mufti at the official fatwa call centre of the UAE, pork products in any state are “absolutely Haram”. “Everything from the pig is rejected” he said. “We can’t eat it, buy it, sell it, wear the leather or even touch the animal. It is nejis [dirty or impure] and we can’t use it on our body, a person will then not be in a state of purity fit to pray.” Nijis
The Islamic authority (Imam) inspects the production facilities and factories to make sure there are no haram products or alcohol (including fluids used to clean the equipment) used in the manufacturing process. Testing is done on the individual products and ingredients to make sure there are no pork or animal bi-products-it is a time intensive process…finally the certificate is issued-for each and every product-if all requirements are met to become Certified Halal.
Just like the meat we eat-it must be certified so we know it is permitted. If we use products that are not halal certified we may not be clean for prayer.
If it doesn’t matter to you-it doesn’t matter to us. But your body does absorb what you put on it and it is important to be clean when offering prayers five times a day and it would be nejis to have questionable ingredients on your skin. For people who do not want their body to have potentially haram ingredients on them, OnePure is offering a luxurious alternative.
Yes. Whilst haram ingredients may not be necessarily harmful, they are forbidden by Islam, and so any derivatives of pork products or alcohol is considered haram. Surprisingly, many leading brands do contain haram ingredients. OnePure is dedicated to developing products that only use the finest and purest Halal certified ingredients.
How does she know? And more importantly-how do you know? Without an official Halal certification it is impossible to be sure.
The current beauty brands on the market are developed long ago for Western people with Western ideas of right and wrong and therefore they have not given any thought to what is permitted of forbidden for Muslims. Muslims have very clear guidelines to follow and live by, Mashallah. If you are concerned about using questionable products in the past we suggest you speak to your Imam about it as OnePure is not an authority on Islam.
We can’t really say for sure but can guess that because beauty products have been around for a long time people didn’t question it before. Please speak with your Imam about any specific concerns.
There are many but to name a few of the most common you can look out for are: a. Collagen is found in Moisturizers, Exfoliants, and Cosmetics b. Elastin is found in Moisturizers, Masks c. Hyaluronic Acid is found in Body Lotions, Moisturizers, Cosmetics d. Lauric Acid is found in Cleansers, Exfoliants, and Moisturizers e. Oleic Acid is found in Moisturizers, and Cosmetics f. Keratin is found in Moisturizers g. Palmitic Acid is found in Moisturizers, Masques and Cosmetics h. Gelatin is found in Moisturizers, Cosmetics i. Stearic Acid / Stearyl Alcohol is found in Moisturizers, Cleansers, Cosmetics, Toners, Masque, Exfoliator, and after shave j. Glycerin/glycerol is found in Moisturizers, Cleansers, and after shave k. Allantoin is found in Moisturizers, Toners and after shave l. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is found in Moisturizers, Masques, Cleansers and Cosmetics
They are sold to manufactures from animal renderers. Protein waste and animal by-products are recycled through a process called rendering. Only about 50% of a cow, 60% of a pig, 72% of a chicken, and 78% of a turkey actually end up in the supermarket. Renderers convert these materials into valuable commodities that are used to manufacture skin care and cosmetics.
They are inexpensive, easy to find and simply common. Why wouldn’t they use them?
We don’t know.
That is your choice. OnePure wants to inform and give choice to people who want to be sure 100% that the products they use are halal. Please speak with your Imam about any specific concerns.
OnePure currently has 13 products (with many more to come). We are focusing on whitening and anti-aging and all of our products containing lots of antioxidants to combat the harsh elements of pollution, sun, heat and wind. We have two cleansers that are specially created for the Gulf consumer, made to gently remove make-up from the face and eyes and to be especially skin-softening. We also provide a perfect toner, to rebalance pH levels, and an eye cream and eye serum that are designed to alleviate dark circles. Also available are two fabulous moisturisers targeted for our special consumer, both provide moisture without oiliness, and have special formulations that keeps working even in humidity! We have four different target serums for many individual skin concerns, a mask to use weekly and the best night cream ever!
Most of our customers do! That is why OnePure developed target serums-you can use two! For example you can use our “Target Serum::Extreme Dryness” for your dry zones and “Target Serum::Acne” on zones you are oily. Please use our Consultation section to get a detailed recommendation for your skin type.
We have received a vast amount of complimentary feedback from our customers that are delighted with the range, including a personal recommendation from fashion designer Aiisha Ramadan was quoted “In a matter of few days, I noticed a significant smoothness in my skin and reduced redness on my cheeks. That was surprising. The product really delivers on its promise.”
There are a few copy cats of Layla Mandi’s ideas out there and Layla is excited and flattered Everytime a new halal product is launched.




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