Meet Layla Mandi

Layla Mandi
Layla Mandi – CEO OnePure

Layla Mandi is a Canadian born, Dubai based entrepreneur best known as a pioneer in the Halal beauty industry as founder and CEO of OnePure Beauty since 2006. The OnePure range of 13 retail products which had been sold among a number of leading stores, including French department store Galeries Lafayette and on Saudi Arabian Airlines. Layla succeeded in creating and sustaining an international buzz surrounding OnePure, including interviews with BBC, CBC, and the The National. Layla is sought after globally as a speaker for branding and marketing specifically to the Islamic Comsumer, at prestigious events such as Beauty World Middle East, the World Halal Forum in Malaysia, 2nd Annual Halal Comgress in Sharjah, and the Global Islamic Branding & Marketing Forum at The Said Business School, University of Oxford. Layla has also contributed to the text book ‘ Islamic Branding and Marketing’ by Paul Temporal that is now used at Ivy League MBA programs around the world. OnePure is proud to announce we were nominated at the Global Islamic Economy Summit in Dubai for 2013 Islamic Economy Award in Cosmetics.

2015- Layla considers all proposals to speak about effectively marketing to the Muslim Consumer at Universities, Forums and Conferences globally. Contact us with information about your event!

OnePure Halal Beauty Milestones
2007 Layla Created OnePure
2008 Extensive R&D for the Brand Completed
2009 OnePure Travel Collection launched on Saudi Airlines (KSA)
2009 OnePure receives distribution requests from over 40 countries World wide
2010 OnePure retail line launched at Galaries Lafayette
2013 OnePure nominated at the Global Islamic Economy Summit in Dubai for the 2013 Islamic Economy Award in Cosmetics.