Who is the Muslim consumer?

Studies from the past few years suggest American Muslim’s have an annual spending power of $124-$200 billion just in the U.S. alone. This is similar to the Hispanic market in the early 90s, which today is worth a whopping $1.2 trillion (a punch in the face for any company who ignored it then) 86% of […]

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Early Days in Muslim Consumer Engagement

While China and India have captured the world’s attention, the Muslim segment re­mains a quiet but enormous untapped con­sumer market. There are about 1.8 billion Mus­lims around the world and we call this “the third one billion” opportunity. Almost one in four of the world’s population is Muslim, and this number is expected to grow […]

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More than Just Meat

Nobody knows how much of the Muslim world’s spending will become halal, but a report to be released next week by Thomson Reuters and DinarStandard, a New York advisery firm that focuses on emerging Muslim markets, estimates Muslim consumer spending on food and lifestyles totalled $1.62 trillion in 2012.   HALAL SEARCHES ON THE WEB […]

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Brand Courage and Credibility

Muslim consumers are welcoming of even the smallest of overtures, understanding that businesses feel they are taking a risk. The rewards are for the taking as Muslim consumers are supportive of even the smallest of efforts and will be a brand’s best ally through word of mouth. Being tech savvy and well-connected digitally and via […]

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Scope of Consulting Opportunities

Islamic Marketing Muslim Consumers Islamic Markets Commercialising Islam Islamic Marketing Ideals Islamic Marketing Mix Islamic Business Ethics Marketing Islamic Financial Products Halal Market Islamic Hospitality

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The first-mover advantage is HERE

Dubai Industrial City, a member of Tecom Investments, has announced today the launch of a dedicated ‘Halal Cluster’ in the UAE, aimed at driving the growth of Halal food, cosmetics and personal care sectors. Abdullah Belhoul, CEO of Dubai Industrial City, said: The creation of the Halal Cluster is another step towards Vice President and […]

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Halal Travel

The halal travel market was estimated to be worth $140bn in 2013, accounting for almost 13% of the global total, and is expected to rise to $200bn by 2020, according to Crescentrating, a Singapore-based rating agency for halal-friendly travel services. While Muslim travel in the past has been mainly related to providing services to Haj […]

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USA Compare Kosher and Halal

For instance there is an analogy in the United States of the kosher market – $12 billion dollars back in 2008, 13% of the American population purchases kosher foods even though Jews only account for 2% of the American population. And that market is growing like a topsy and is becoming quietly mainstream. There is […]

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Covering hair

The news and media are constantly full of discussions about what Muslim women should or should not wear, and how they should or should not participate in society. At least that’s how Muslim women feel. From stories about whether niqabs should be permitted (face-veils) to whether headscarves are cultural matters or not, Muslim women express […]

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Adnan Durrani is CEO of Saffron Road, which produces frozen foods, packaged broths and dry goods. The selling point? His products are halal, organic, and non-GMO He said was fascinated by studies that delved into the demographics of the American Muslim market, and what he found amazed him: “What I saw was that they were […]

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