Understanding Halal beauty products


Layla Mandi is the Canadian convert to Islam who uncovered the use of swine by-product in mainstream personal care and cosmetics products. She established a global platform that brought awareness to this little known practice. Unable to find readily available products for Muslim women, Layla created a halal-certified brand, OnePure intending to fill the void in the global market. Layla Mandi served to redefine standards of beauty products for Muslim women and worked for the advancement of a global halal personal care and cosmetics industry.

The Halal Beauty Industry

  • Halal is any action or object that is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law
  • Muslims are Forbidden to have any contact with pork products.
  • Until recently ,Halal was only associated with food.
  • With rising awareness and transparency ,the focus is moving towards making more offerings Halal ,including financial and basuty products.
  • Using the beauty products currently available on the market means consumers are potentially contaminating themselves with Haram ingredients in these products.
  • No fully Shariah compliant Halal Beauty Company in the market
  • No worldwide consensus or single standard on recognition of single certification as Halal.
  • No proper information or transparency in terms of production facilities and ingredients sourcing
Partial list of Potentially Questionable Ingredients:

Oleic Acid is found in Moisturizers, and cosmetics
Lauric Acid is found in cleansers, Exfoliants, and Moisturizers
Allantoin is found in Moisturizers, Tonrs and after shave
Collagen is found in Moisturizers, Exfoliants, cosmetics
Keratin is found in Moisturizers

Palmitic Acid is found in Moisturizers, Masques and cosmetics
Gelatin is foung in Moisturizers, cosmetics
Stearic Acid/Stearyl Alcohol is found in Moisturizers, cleansers, Exfoliator, Toners, Masque, and after shave
Glycerin/glycerol is found in Moisturizers, cleansers after shave
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is found in Moisturizers, Masques, cleansers, and cosmetics

Halal beauty products