USA Compare Kosher and Halal

For instance there is an analogy in the United States of the kosher market – $12 billion dollars back in 2008, 13% of the American population purchases kosher foods even though Jews only account for 2% of the American population. And that market is growing like a topsy and is becoming quietly mainstream. There is a parallel here with halal. The Jewish population at 6 million is smaller than the Muslim population. But it is interesting to reflect some 6% of purchases of kosher food in America are Muslim. Probably an understatement; it may be higher. So I think there is a role for branding in the States that is very specific. Brands must inform, educate, reassure the Muslim consumer.


  • Education and awareness about halal certification
  • Accessibility to Halal Food and Halal Restaurants
  • Communication of availability of Halal food
  • Hurdles have been overcome Billion
  • Booming industry currently valued at $661.25 Billion
  • Multinational corporations like Nestle took notice ,invested and voluntarily requested for Halal Certification for 80% of their food production facilities.
  • KFC has introduced 80 Halal outlets in the uk based on feedback from consumers indicating that there is significant demand.
  • Double digit growth year on year at least since 2007
  • Constantly rising demand from Muslim globally.
  • Food Industry